External Hard Drive Recovery

Lacie / Freecom
Data recovery company Data Clinic Ltd are specialists in rescuing the files from computer hard drives and phones that can't be accessed by regular means. Examples of some of the work they do follows...

We have a 2TB HDD taken out of a Lacie drive that my son dropped on the floor and now the unit will not initilise. Its spins up the arms keep popping out and making like a grinding noise. It had our personal photos on there which we had mostly backed up but there was a folder we didnt back up and would like to retrieve. We are in Leeds.

The Freecom external hard drive was not read or recognised by any PC when plugged in. The IT officer at my College in London managed to get a PC to read the drive, but it says 'drive need to be reformatted before use'. Formatting the drive will render all data (that I accumulated from the four years of PhD) lost. Thus, I need to recover files from the external hard drive to a new hard drive.

I work in Liverpool and my Seagate external USB hard drive is picked up when plugged into the computer but I cannot access it. I haven't used it in a while and it's now clicking when plugged in. I read that it does that when dropped but I haven't dropped it and it has been in a case since the last time I used it.
It's giving message "hard drive imminent failure detected" message and does not boot. It comes from a Lacie case.

My usb disk has been damaged and the Freecom internal board has become separated from the connection. I know there is a Data Clinic office in Manchester and the board itself appears not to be damaged. Does this sound like something which could be repaired? Approximately how much will it cost?

I got external HDD seagate 2gb mac formated. I'm based in Northampton and due to unsafe disconnection the drive stopped working.
Data are not critical but good to have.
Please let me know the price

I have a Maxtor 3.5, manufactured Jan 2005, DiamondMax Plus 8, ATA/133 40GB HDD. It has stopped working and there are signs of overheating on the PCB (chip popped maybe).
What is the cost for retrieving the data from this disk? The hard drive is in Sheffield.