Help Please

Hi everyone, can anyone of my data recovery specialists help me with retrieving the files from these hard disk faults? If yes please contact me!

I have elderly mac whose disk does not work (makes noises no startup).
I would like the disk image of it taken if at all possible.

Desktop External Drive Sata 2000gb 3.5in 5400rpm WD20EARX 6gb/s 64mb Cache, Model WD20EARX 00PASB0. The pcb board failed and was replaced with a donor included swapping the firmware chip. It now spins up but is not detected by the pc. The actuator arm clicks, making several attempts to initialise/access data then parks up again. The arm never actually gets to the point of scanning the over the platter, it just gets as far as the edge then retreats back repeatedly. My main concern is to retrieve what is probably about 300gb of music and 500gb of tv programs, not so concerned about the films although if i can retrieve everything, that would be a bonus.

I've got an old iphone 5 that won't switch on or charge, but i have so many old pics and vids that i'd like to recover. Before it died, the screen had internal issues – the screen resolution was so low, you can't tell whether it's on or off. Is it possible for you to recover al my pics and videos? if o i'd like to use this service.

My external hard disk drive WD20EARX keeps making a beeping sound when connect to a pc/laptop i hear a beeping sound coming from the hard drive and i can not access the hard drive .i just want to tranfer the data to another hard drive please help

I have a LaCie external drive used to store photos. I’m trying to download some albums to my Mac and get an error message that a number of files are unreadable. Some copy fine, some will not. Is there a way I could recover all contents to a new HD and if so how much would it cost?