WD beeping hard drive - data recovery

WD My Passport for Mac – beeps 9 times, followed by 3 beeps, followed by 3 beeps. My computer will not read the drive when plugged into my USB cable. It is a 2TB, but only has pictures on it and it not nearly to storage capacity. Samsung P3 1TB is not recognized by laptop. Makes beeping sounds for a few seconds and then stops.

My WD hard drive doesn't read. Was recovered and repaired before, not sure if done poorly but damaged again instantly as it repeated beeps. Has very important sensitive data to me, really important
I need to recover deleted txt messages from a certain phone number from a Samsung 5 Ive down loaded a app that recovered virtually every txt message from 2016 but the one number I needed to see the txt messages between was not there, can you help?

The mini-b usb port for my Hitachi hard-drive has broken off. I've taken apart and can see I required a new "Orlando_CONNECTOR BOARD REV:1.1"

I dropped my western digital portable hard drive and now it will not power up. The hard drive beeps when in a dock and I suspect it to be a hardware fault with the board or the heads. I have an iStar password protected WD USB for my Brownie unit which is beeping. I have used it with no problems for over 5 years.

All of a sudden it is telling me it is write protected or that there is a I/O device error. it will not let me update or change any existing documents on it, copy or save new documents to it or copy or cut documents to another location. I have tried to remove the write protection myself using the command prompt administrator but it hasn't worked. This WD USB hold years of records including our unit accounts and I am extremely concerned I will loose all this data completely, not being able to save changes or add new data is worrying and very inconvenient. please can you let me know if this is something you can help with and how much will it cost?