Data Erasure and Recovery - Manchester and London

I was just wondering if you provide data wipe services? I have an old computer and laptop that both need the data wiping for peace of mind before I dispose of them. If you can't could you please recommend someone who can? Commonly known as Data Erasure, this is kind of the opposite of what a data recovery service is.

Could somebody please get back to me via email regarding possible data recovery. I have lost the data on portable 'my passport' hard drive made by WD mark. Not sure whether its possible to restore that thought SQL somehow so I would apprecaite your contact as soon as possible. I am in London near to the Bank tube station.

My iPhone (5s) stopped working because memory was overloaded I think. I couldn't see anything but an apple icon. I tried to refresh it but it didn't work. I did a factory reset and now I have new version of iOS and only 300 photos (from iCloud) of my 7000 in total. I have contact local repair services in Manchester, Bury and tried internet recovery programmes with no result. Phone has no value for me without these images. I don't mind if you take it apart. I must have my photos back. Can you help me? (PS: I have send one message before, but I think this one is more precised)

2TB Seagate Expansion Hardrive - Already contained approximately 1.5TB worth of schooling data (high school,undergraduate and postgraduate data), media and other backup data. Was adding more media onto the hard drive when it crashed. Disconnected and reconnected the hard drive and computer says it has an unrecognised file system. Was previously formatted to FAT32. I live in Lancashire (Greater Manchester) and sometimes travel to London.

ReadyNAS Data Recovery Manchester

I need a data recovery service on my Netgear Readynas which has some WD Green hard drives that are not working properly. I am located in Bolton, part of Greater Manchester.

The drive is a 3TB Sata Western Digital WD30EZRX. I have a pair of these drives in the Netgear NAS. One has failed and the culprit is 'for sure' the controller board. Removed controller board from the working drive and installed it on the drive that was dead and this now works and reads fine. I have a user who has experienced a SMART error on his Intel SATA SSD M.2. I have tried unsuccessfully to recover the data using an external SSD adapter card. There are extremely vital emails on the drive which unfortunately have not been backed up and are required for a very important project. Would you be able to offer any advice on whether this data is recoverable and possibly a quote for the service?

Cannot connect to my computer anymore (no sign that it works at all). I think there is a problem with the cable or the way to plug it in. The cable cannot be removed as my dad tried to fix it with glue… so I'm really stuck with my data that I cannot access!

1. When I was copying images onto the drive, it froze, and I unplugged the drive directly
2. When I then tried to connect, it says that the disk needs to be formatted. I have tried to remove it safely but it froze when I did that, so I removed the drive directly again.
3. I tried to connect the drive again and now it says the disk parameter is incorrect. Explorer would freeze when I tried to disconnect it safely.
4. The hard drive is 1TB, with around 600G of data on it.

As I said above, I need a clinic for my broken Netgear Readynas in Bolton, Manchester.

Questions about Data Loss

Here are a number of enquiries I've recently dealt with from people with either broken hard drives or unresponsive phones who never took at backup (tut tut) and now need their data extracting from their broken device. I successfully fixed 2 of the faults myself, the others ones that I couldn't do were expertly recovered by the techs at Data Clinic - in London, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.
  • Is there any way to retrieve photographs taken on Iphone 5 during 2015/16 but were deleted on 11 June 2016? No itunes or Icloud back up was made – the photographs were just kept on the phone. I have rung Apple and they have confirmed it is not possible to retrieve once deleted and it does say on the mobile phone on the deleted photos page that after so many days the photos are deleted permanently.
  • NAS hardware failure (Iomega). Lenovo, who now own the Iomega company, advise me that it is a hardware failure and to contact a data recovery firm. This is not time sensitive, nor is it important documents… it is pure sentimental. Photo's, music, website documents, etc, etc. 
  • I HAVE NOKIA MODEL rm-1012 is it possible to get the deleted messages from the phone please if so how much as they appear to be in memory as showing deleted, I have found on net a code to put in but it comes up do you wish to restore it would this do it ? 
  • I'm looking to buy Western Digital WD10EZEX-08Y20A0 hard drives. Do you have any for sale? If so, how many? Dropped hard drive. When plugged in after it Initially mounted but then stopped (linux os). Now doesn't show in linux, Windows finds the drive but cannot access files. Mechanical sounds, drive sounds like it spins up when powered but then goes to a constant mechanical clicking sound.

If you've lost access to your data please get in touch - if I can't help I can always get you a special discount rate with Data Clinic !