Hard drive device errors in Birmingham

Western Digital (or 'WD') are makers of popular hard drives, such as the My Passport and My Book. Quite often WD drives will fail with some sort of device error. We were wondering what the device error messages actually mean, so we asked USB Enclosure. Was making clicking noise this has since stopped but windows doesn't recognize it and asks for it to be formatted, cancel button clicked each time this question appears. We are based at the ICC broadstreet, Birmingham, as are Data Clinic, in the Quayside Tower.

Dropped onto floor and now the connection point is loose – I think it has come off the motherboard. Is there anyway it can be repaired as it contains all my teaching resources from the last 18 years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have a WD "My Passport" external hardrive. Bought it around 2011 to use mostly for backing up media files for BBC Birmingham. Today when I tried to access the drive, it told me the drive is not accessible and I have seen each of these error messages: "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error". and "The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error"

I use a WD My passport Ultra to store family photos and videos. The drive has stopped being recognised by my Mac mini and I can hear a clicking noise when it is turned on. How much would it cost to recover this data? Is this transferred to a new external hard drive?

I've got a western digital external drive that doesn't seem to start any more. The green ring flashes every second but there's no noise from the drive and it doesnt connect to my laptop. Can you give me a call to discuss?

I am looking to recover the data on a WD HDD which crashed after limited physical trauma and is inaccessible at present.

Need Bitcoin Wallet from RAW drive

The hard drive is not accessible. In the Disk Management says that the disk is formatted in RAW. What should I do?

In 2015 I installed Linux on my laptop computer. I didnt really know what I was doing, and managed to overwrite windows so that the disk then showed the data as raw. However, I had a wallet.dat file on there (bitcoin) and this wasnt backed up. This is the only piece of valuable data I lost, do you think it would be possible to recover this file?

WD My Passport for Mac external drive cannot be read. Message comes back that it is not readable and it shows up as RAW in disk management. Have tried to read it on two different computers. Same result. Have tried First Aid on Disk Utility in Utilities for Mac. No effect. I need one large folder of my Bitcoin Wallet transactions from the file transferred to another WD external drive I have.

My advice is as follows:

  • Determine what caused the hard drive to become RAW. This is usually a filesystem corruption.
  • Do NOT use any type of file recovery software on the hard drive, you'll only make matters worse
  • Log into a data recovery site like http://data-recovery-tips.co.uk/ and do some fault finding using the troubleshooting guides on the site. Note they also have a good blog section that you should check out too.

Depending how technically confident you are, you may like to try and rescue the data yourself. My advice is if your data matters, then you should always use a professional company to handle your data recovery requirement.

Dead Phones - Rescue Photos

The circuit on my iPhone 6s has broken and the phone is dead and will not connect to any computer, I have been told by Apple it isn’t fixable and I had photos on the phone that I would much like to retrieve and wondered if I could get a quote on how much this would cost?

I have deleted my photos off my Samsung phone and the memory card . are you able t help please?

My phone is dead and has been the past couple of months. I haven't backed it up at all and I had nearly 14,000 pictures on there. Is there a way I can get these photos back?

I have the One Plus 3 phone, one day a screen came up with different options in chinese, I clicked the option that said factory reset and had accidentaly lost all my data, I've still been using my phone, I've been using several apps and sotwares without any luck, I'm still to root my device however I am not fully clued on dabbling with mobile phones. I would really like to recover my photos as I had a years worth of data on it

My Samsung mobile switches off when l try to use the internet and when switched off overnight returned to factory settings losing all data

My Samsung Galaxy SIII has conked out – the only screen visible on switch on is the first one. This phone is very dear to me as it belonged to my late son and i have been using it since his death. I would be so grateful if it were possible to retrieve photos especially, but also contacts and calendar.

Water damaged I phone 6s. I just want my data out of it and saved. The phone has been to repair shops but they couldnt repair it. please be honest cn you get my data out of the phone and if so what are the costs like. I am interested in the photos especially.