Edenfield - A Great Place To Live

Edenfield is a small village just outside Ramsbottom, near Bury, north of Greater Manchester. It's a rather select area to live having the advantages of great motorway links to major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, whilst also being semi-rural in nature.

This makes Edenfield a very attractive place to live and the type of housing available and house prices reflect this. Buying a house in such a prime location as Edenfield can be a tricky proposition. Getting a decent mortgage is imperative as choosing the wrong one may end up costing you thousands of pounds more over the duration of your mortgage.

I asked Andy Butterworth from mortgage specialists Manchester Mortgages what makes a great mortgage. "There are various types of mortgage available: buy to let, first time buyers, homemovers and bad credit mortgages are all specific products that are available - it just depends what type of mortgage you are looking for. And the various types of mortgage will be applicable to individual circumstances." Andy advises against using lenders such as the Halifax who "only provide a small number of uncompetitive mortgages. Instead people looking for a mortgage should use a the services of companies like Manchester Mortgages to find themselves a decent, value for money and cost effective mortgage.

So what does living in Edenfield have to do with hard drive recovery? Well I live in Edenfield and recently I used the services of Andy's company to help me get a mortgage for the house I wanted to buy. As fate would have it, it was actually Manchester Mortgages who contacted me as they had lost access to one of their network shares on their company NAS on which they had all their mortgage offers and deals. Solving the problem was more complex than I thought and involved visits to their Monton, Bury and Wythenshawe branches to sort out their network / cloud routing. Once this had been sorted they were able to bring their mortgage data back online. That's when I got talking to them about my house move, one think lead to another and I soon discovered that by using their services, my house in Edenfield would end up costing me £23,000 less over 25 years than if I went with my first choice provider. So, thank you Andy and Manchester Mortgages for saving me the best part of £25000!!!!

Questions about Data Loss

Here are a number of enquiries I've recently dealt with from people with either broken hard drives or unresponsive phones who never took at backup (tut tut) and now need their data extracting from their broken device. I successfully fixed 2 of the faults myself, the others ones that I couldn't do were expertly recovered by the techs at Data Clinic - in London, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.
  • Is there any way to retrieve photographs taken on Iphone 5 during 2015/16 but were deleted on 11 June 2016? No itunes or Icloud back up was made – the photographs were just kept on the phone. I have rung Apple and they have confirmed it is not possible to retrieve once deleted and it does say on the mobile phone on the deleted photos page that after so many days the photos are deleted permanently.
  • NAS hardware failure (Iomega). Lenovo, who now own the Iomega company, advise me that it is a hardware failure and to contact a data recovery firm. This is not time sensitive, nor is it important documents… it is pure sentimental. Photo's, music, website documents, etc, etc. 
  • I HAVE NOKIA MODEL rm-1012 is it possible to get the deleted messages from the phone please if so how much as they appear to be in memory as showing deleted, I have found on net a code to put in but it comes up do you wish to restore it would this do it ? 
  • I'm looking to buy Western Digital WD10EZEX-08Y20A0 hard drives. Do you have any for sale? If so, how many? Dropped hard drive. When plugged in after it Initially mounted but then stopped (linux os). Now doesn't show in linux, Windows finds the drive but cannot access files. Mechanical sounds, drive sounds like it spins up when powered but then goes to a constant mechanical clicking sound.

If you've lost access to your data please get in touch - if I can't help I can always get you a special discount rate with Data Clinic !

Of Hard Disks and Mobile Phones

I've been told by a mobile repair company that my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is water damaged and beyond repair. Although I am pretty sure it hasn't been submerged in liquid at any point they say this may be from condensation from the shower. The phones screen is blank and sometimes you can see a faint green line at the top of the screen. It vibrates when you turn it on and the touch buttons light up. There is a security code on the phone so when i attempted to extract the files myself using my laptop I was not able to because of this. I wish to retrieve the photos, videos, contacts and messages from the device.

My passcode is no longer working on my iphone 6 after update, my touch ID was working. I foolishly restarted the phone hoping it would fix itself but then it only accepts passcode after restart.
Please help me recover my photos and videos as they are the most important thing on my phone that I do not want to lose.

I have dropped my laptop (lenovo) and it crashed. It started making a strange noise and now when I try to switch it on it makes the strange noise and doesn't do anything but loading the starting page. I had a similar problem with an old laptop and I have been told it was the hard drive.
As I have important files saved in the laptop therefore I was wondering if it is possible to recover data (or at least a list of the data contained). I have an exam next week and a paper is saved there, therefore it is an urgent matter. Please let me know what you think

After resetting my password, all the data on my iPhone 5s was deleted, all photos, videos, etc. I need to know if it's possible to recover it and how much would it cost?

Sony Xperia Z will not charge and has run out of battery. I have some contacts and photos on there which I would like to recover. How much will this cost and how long will it take?

HELP – My Tesco DVD-R disc has stopped working. It was fine until I tried to transfer a video onto it from my lap top. The disc won't play in the DVD player either. We have several years of photos on this disc and wondered if it was possible to recover them and how much would it cost.

I have a Seagate slimline 1TB external hard drive that has stopped working and I would like to recover what is on it. Can you help and if so what will the cost be?

External 1TB drive Verbatim (Samsung) which was dropped and now will not spin. Power to device is working however when connected it is clear (and audible) that disk will not spin.

Have a Seagate 500gb external HDD which stopped being recognised by the PC. It kept beeping and doesn't sound like its reading.

My zenphone 5 battery damaged and toch also damaged…so how i will recover my photo and video from it???

Qote of how much to recover pictures and videos from a broken iPhone 6s, broken by being dropped in a swimming pool.

Had a power outage and loss of power to my computer appears to have killed the hard disk. It;s 2.5" mechanical laptop, 500Gb, 5400. How much would recovery be at lombard street branch?

I want to recovered all data documents and picture from my failed hard disc, and how much cost and if you can do

I have a USB Memory stick which was knocked. I sent it to a company to have a look at the usb and they sent it back with the chip disconnected from the borad, is it still repairable if so how much would it cost?

The hard drive on my Apple MacBook Pro has failed. After taking it to the Apple Store they advised me to take it to data recovery before they install a new one.

I emailed about a portable hard drive that I need the data recovered from. It is a seagate device. Please can someone call me back.

Hard Drive Dilemma

Enquiry: My Hard Drive recently packed in. It was running ok the night before (although in retrospect after being asked about it, I'd heard it click a couple of times), but when I booted it up I kept getting an error message saying windows couldn't be found.
So on boot up I went to the BIOS menu to see if something had reordered the drives and discovered the hard drive couldn't be read. I then took it to a repair shop and they attempted to diagnose the problem (it was them who asked about the clicking). They left it over night for a diagnostic and said that on a couple of occasions the Hard Drive was picked up but the only info they could get off it was garbled nonsense. They said that they thought that the heads may have failed on the Hard Drive and that wasn't something they could fix and recommended someone else. The 2nd person came to the same conclusion and said he didn't want to tamper with the heads either as it wasn't something he could fix and so he recommended you.

The only other note I can think of is that the laptop seemed to be running quite hot leading up to the failure, but as I've replaced the hard drive this doesn't seem to be the problem. For reference, I live in Liverpool, just in case you need to refer me to that office.

My Response: What you have described there is a hard drive that is about to completely fail. It probably didn't help that the first repair shop you took it to kept it switched on last night. If a hard drive is running hot and slowly then my recommendation is to switch the hard drive quickly and wait a while for it to cool down - don't put it in a fridge or freezer and this will put unnecessary stress on the hard drive, instead let is cool naturally.

When it's completely cooled you can attach it again and attempt to copy your files off of it asap. If you are successful at this then you've had a lucky escape. If the hard drive begins to run slowly or is not recognised then I'm afraid it's too late for you to do anything - the hard drive is already badly damaged. If you need to remove the data from it you'll need to contact a data recovery company.

Finding a Data Recovery Company

You can look for a local data recovery company but my experience is that good data recovery companies a few and far between. Make a distinction between a data recovery specialist and a PC repair shop. They are not the same beast at all. Even though the shop may claim to perform data recovery, it's capabilities will be no where approaching what the data recovery company can do. The best way I've found is to do a countrywide internet search and then look at the reviews of the company. Another useful method is to look for bloggers who write about data recovery and hard drive issues - if you are in the UK you can visit the Recover Deleted Data web site. It deals in answering questions about all types of data recovery, not just retrieving deleted data.

Endpoint FDE and other Problems

Usually I get asked a lot about broken hard drives but sometimes I get cases where there is nothing wrong with the customer's hard drive but instead something on the hard drive is giving them problems.
There now follow a few examples:

I would like to ask you about my issue and help me. It is installed Checkpoint FDE for Dell Laptop latitude E 5440 then it was slow to encrypt and then it could not boot into Windows 8.1. I noticed this page written by data recovery experts data clinic about recovering drives that use Checkpoint's Endpoint FDE (http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/recovering-check-point-endpoint-fde-encrypted-hard-drives/)

Non-system drive (E drive) from desktop PC spins but isn't detected in Windows 10 or BIOS. Internal 3.5" SATA drive. 2TB capacity with about 60-80% used.

My laptop was broken and I'm trying to recover all files in there because it contains all my PhD work. I've sent it to a repair shop and I think they have to do something to the hard drive. but they couldn't recover all data. If I send it to you would you be able to do something to the hard drive?

I have transferred photos/videos etc onto a 1TB Samsung HD (500 gig 'ish) on a PC rebuild. Win 10 is running on a 250gb SSD.
All went fine for a couple of days then HD began to click but still booted and was recognised. Next day clicking and not recognised. Removed it and had a quick look but beyond my capabilities! I've got a 2 TB external to drop everything on to…

We have a hard drive of a customer that has a faulty controller card. The drive spins ok, but is no longer recognized by the computer indicating that the controller card is faulty. Do you offer repair services to replace the controller card and fix the drive?

The drive is a WD 250GB
Model: WD2500BEVT

My external hardrive failed today by making a clicking noise. the drive is still seen by the computer but no longer as a working storage device. It contains several thousand family photographs and other documents. the unit is a 500gb capacity. I would like a quote for retrieval please. Many thanks. A late afternoon call would be best.

WD 2TB USB 2.0 spinning disc external hard drive with external power supply. The device shows up on Devices and Printers but not in windows explorer. Shortly after connecting the driver starts to make clicking noises.

By far the most interesting fault here was the Endpoint encrypted drive and in all cases it's usually possible to recover the files for the customer.

More info:
I've found some decent HDD related recovery info at

A Selection of Enquiries

This post features a selection of data recovery enquiries from people with hard drive and NAS problems who need their files retrieved.

Data recovery enquiry from a reseller
Hello, we are a computer and laptop repair shop in Hounslow, London.
I have got job from my customer to recover data from a laptop hard drive.
Hard Drive Details, HGST, 1TB
and its giving clicking sound you when you plug in.
can you give me quote to recover data from it. please consider that we have to charge our services from customer as well.

I have a ready Nas duo, that has developed a fault and will not boot or connect since we last turned it on.
I have read various options online about possible things to do, but in the spirit of i don't won't to fix it worse thought i would seek expert help.

I have a western digital My Passport Ultra (1TB) external hard drive.
It initially started to take a long time for folders to open and to access files. I began to back up the hard drive (taking hours to back up only a small amount of data).
Now the drive is not visible in Windows explorer. I have the option to "safely remove it" and I can also see it in "devices" and "device manager" but cannot actually see the drive to open any folders.
Any suggestions as to how to get access? or is it possible for you to recover the data (there's almost 900GB)? and how much would it cost?

My WD hard-disk is working till morning. Now, my computer is recognising it but not reading it. Also, in disk management it's showing unallocated.
What shall I do? Please advise.

External usb 3.0 drive
Verbatim enclosure
Hitachi Z5K500-500
500GB 2.5" SATA
Initially was detected by PC but inaccessible. No strange noises, disc was spinning.
A few restarts later, disc still spins, continuous clicking. Completely undetectable by PC.

Help Recover Data From Hard Drive
The hard drive on my MacBook Pro laptop has a physical problem – I have taken it into an apple genius store and they told me the only way to try and get my data back is from a company such as yourselves. I need my documents – I work freelance and have all my relevant paperwork on my hard drive. Plus my photos from the last 2 years.

MacBook Pro Running Slowly

My MacBook Pro's Internal Hard drive (Mid 2012 Non-Retina) recently started making noises and the laptop pretty much doesn't respond to anything anymore or if it does only very slowly. I am quite sure that the hard drive is in its last breaths and a backup to an external hard drive did not succeed either unfortunately. BIOS recognises drive and windows occasionally detects and installs. However cannot read or access. The heads seem to be cycling around. No clicking i.e. hitting the end stop. Was working fine then failed to boot correctly followed by no access.
What can I/you do to save my files?

The problem with your Macbook Pro sounds very much like bad sectors - parts of the hard disk that can no longer be accessed by the computer. It's a very common problem and far more widespread than you think. The likes of you and I hardly ever notice this or come into contact with it because the hard drive has a built-in bad sector management program that swaps out bad sectors and replaces them with good sectors whenever a bad sector is encountered.

Bad sectors do not go away or diminish, instead they grow as it's the only things they can do, eventually spreading across an entire hard drive. A good guide you can use is the slower your hard drive becomes, the more likely it is to have a high number of bad sectors. If you don't have a backup of your data then bad sectors will eventually lead to you losing all your data.

Retrieving the data from hard drives with bad sectors is possible, but you'll need a data recovery company to do it for you. These company's have specialist pieces of hardware equipment that are able to read 'through' the bad sector and get at the original data underneath. I recommend companies such as this one or http://24hourcomputerrepairs.com/ should you be looking for a data recovery provider.

Smartphone Data Recovery (iPhone and Android)

New Phone Data Recovery Service
Data Recovery Tips (http://data-recovery-tips.co.uk/), the UK data recovery service has recently started to provide phone data recovery in addition to hard drive recovery.

Having used this service provider before and had good results I will now also be sending broken phones I receive to have their data extracted to them.

A recent number of phone recovery enquiries are reprinted below: in each case Data Recovery Tips have a service to retrieve the data. Alternative service providers are recommended at http://blogs.rediff.com/data-recovery/.
Iphone 6s got dropped in water, was put in rice. It did not turn on, attempted screen replacement. The screen came on but was extremely dim until last night and screen stopped coming on. Need backup of all data.

  • I need to retrieve a number from Feb 25th of this year on an Iphone. It is not left on the call history log, since Iphone only stores the last 100 calls which means about a month back in time. Can you help me retrieve it?
    I have heard about your services all the way to Sweden and that is why I am going to London next week to have this phone number recovered.
    Therefore, I will show up on Wednesday morning on June 8th and am leaving for Stockholm on Friday morning June 10th at 6.30 AM.
    Therefore, I would like to kindly ask if I could collect my USB stick with the lost phone number on Thursday June 9th, before you close at 6 PM. I definitely need this number with me on my flight back, perhaps you could make an exception and wonder how much that costs extra? Money is not an issue. I have to get the data recovered before I leave.
    Please, call me as soon as possible to make an appointment on Wednesday, in order for you to be able to retrieve the phone number before my departure.
  • Phone was dropped in toilet by my son and was in there for a minute while turned on. I took it out and turned it off. About 10 minutes later the battery seemed to get really hot. Later that day I put it in one of those drying bags with drying crystals after opening it up and taking screen off. I left it in there 5 days. Now it have tried to turn it on but it is dead. I need to recover about 32gb of info which is mostly photos and videos. I live in Herts and work in London.
  • I have a samsung s7 edge that fails to boot. I have contact and messages that I would like recovered from the phone, is this something you can help with?
  • My Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was recently infected with a virus. I had to perform a systent restore and wipe the phone in order to be able to use it again. The problem was that after the restore I realised that I had not backed up my data and as a result lost all my pictures. I am aware that it is possible to retrieve data after a system restore. Would it be possible for you to retrieve my data from my phone.

Dropped External Portable Drive Recovery

Dropped my external hard drive yesterday (Western digital 1TB P/N:WDBMWV0020BBK-05) and now it will not connect to pc. It just sits making a ticking sound for a couple of minutes, then shuts off completely. My hobby is in photography and It contains a number of photographs that I have been working on for the past few months.

I dropped a passport WD USB 3.0 2tb portable drive . It was powered on but unplugged as it fell 1m onto the floor. Afterwards it still read the folders (800gb of data) but was much much slower at going through the sub folders and then opening small word documents. PowerPoints opened too slowly to be useful to me. As it was under warranty I took it back to Curry's know-how dept for their £80 data recovery. I also sent off a new USB drive to copy the data too. After 2 weeks I have been told their software could not recover the data as is a mechanical issue and they need to do an advanced recovery where they open the drive to repair parts. This would cost me some £200 odd pounds but would be free if they failed to recover the data. I've read your website and now I'm concerned the data that was barely accessable may have been damaged by them. I'm waiting for the drive to be returned to check it. Have you any advice? Contact by email would be preferable as I teach.

I have a 'Transcend StoreJet' Harddrive and have dropped it. It's one of those portable hard drives that plug into the USB port on a computer. Since then It doesn't work, I have tried new cables but it still isn't working. I have a lot of work on it so need to get the work off it.

Portable hard drives such as the ever popular WD Passports are usually the recipients of some rough treatment. They are built to withstand knocks and bumps, but a fall from a significant height is going to cause serious problems to the hard drive. This problem is common to all portable hard drives, including the Transcend Store Jet and other external hard drives. At the heart of the problem is the mechanical nature of these hard drives. When one of these drives is operating a mechanical arm known as an 'actuator arm' moves across the surface of the hard drive reading and writing data to the hard disk. A significant knock or bump during the operation of the hard drive results in damage to either the actuator arm, the disk, or both. This then causes the hard drive to make a ticking sound, as the drive tries to pass a self test procedure before passing control to the computer. This testing procedure will never succeed as the hard drive is now damaged to a significant extent. Retrieving the data from a dropped external or portable hard drive often relies heavily on experts  who should be able to repair and restore the information from a damaged hard drive. Rather than meddle with a dropped hard drive I recommend you use one of these expert companies and give yourself at least a fighting chance of getting your data back.

Retrieving Data From Damaged Phones

Mobile and smartphones break in many ways. We believe that once a phone is broken that it's not possible to recover the data from it. This is not true, skilled phone data recovery organisations like England's Data Clinic (see http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-from-mobile-devices-phones-tablets-etc/) can get the data back from almost any type of damaged or broken phone.

No Power To Phone

Samsung s2 mobile phone.
No power. Screen slight crack. Need photos videos. Phone numbers recovered.

This shouldn't be too difficult a problem to recover the data from. To me it suggests that the cracked screen has interfered with the phone's circuitry and is preventing it from switching on. Replacement of the cracked screen with a new one and a general clean inside the phone to remove and unseen debris should result in this phone working perfectly again.

Phone Stuck in Boot Loop

I have an LG G4 which appears to be stuck in a boot loop. I cannot access recovery and it does not stay on long enough to be able to access it via a computer. While the phone is still under warranty and I can get it replaced, I do not want to lose the large amount of pictures and videos stored on the device. I am keen to locate someone that would be able to recover the photo's and videos from the phone before it goes off to be replaced by LG. The only catch is that the data recovery will need to done without unscrewing the back of the phone to access its motherboard as this will void the warranty and result in me not being able to replace it. Is this something you are able to help with?
I live in Reading and so can pop into local IT provider "Its Gone Funny" if necessary, but ideally would like to know whether its possible.

You don't disclose how your G4 phone got into a boot loop, was it after a software update perhaps or did the phone run out of battery mid operation? Getting the data back from phones that are stuck in boot loops is possible, often by bypassing the operating system (and therefore the boot loop) and reading the information straight off the memory chips. This is a highly skilled task however and should not be left the the unskilled staff in your high street mobile phone repair shop. Instead look for a competent data recovery company, they will be able to assist.

Sony Xperia Dead Battery

I have an unresponsive Sony Xperia T mobile phone which I think has had the battery shorted with all possible hopes to switch it back on gone. If I have the phone, with a dead battery, is there still the possibility to recover files previously saved on the internal memory via some sort of chip off process? I'm based in the city of London only 5 minutes from Bank which would be easiest Data Clinic office to get too. Just preliminary inquiry at the moment to check viability.