Help Please

Hi everyone, can anyone of my data recovery specialists help me with retrieving the files from these hard disk faults? If yes please contact me!

I have elderly mac whose disk does not work (makes noises no startup).
I would like the disk image of it taken if at all possible.

Desktop External Drive Sata 2000gb 3.5in 5400rpm WD20EARX 6gb/s 64mb Cache, Model WD20EARX 00PASB0. The pcb board failed and was replaced with a donor included swapping the firmware chip. It now spins up but is not detected by the pc. The actuator arm clicks, making several attempts to initialise/access data then parks up again. The arm never actually gets to the point of scanning the over the platter, it just gets as far as the edge then retreats back repeatedly. My main concern is to retrieve what is probably about 300gb of music and 500gb of tv programs, not so concerned about the films although if i can retrieve everything, that would be a bonus.

I've got an old iphone 5 that won't switch on or charge, but i have so many old pics and vids that i'd like to recover. Before it died, the screen had internal issues – the screen resolution was so low, you can't tell whether it's on or off. Is it possible for you to recover al my pics and videos? if o i'd like to use this service.

My external hard disk drive WD20EARX keeps making a beeping sound when connect to a pc/laptop i hear a beeping sound coming from the hard drive and i can not access the hard drive .i just want to tranfer the data to another hard drive please help

I have a LaCie external drive used to store photos. I’m trying to download some albums to my Mac and get an error message that a number of files are unreadable. Some copy fine, some will not. Is there a way I could recover all contents to a new HD and if so how much would it cost?

WD beeping hard drive - data recovery

WD My Passport for Mac – beeps 9 times, followed by 3 beeps, followed by 3 beeps. My computer will not read the drive when plugged into my USB cable. It is a 2TB, but only has pictures on it and it not nearly to storage capacity. Samsung P3 1TB is not recognized by laptop. Makes beeping sounds for a few seconds and then stops.

My WD hard drive doesn't read. Was recovered and repaired before, not sure if done poorly but damaged again instantly as it repeated beeps. Has very important sensitive data to me, really important
I need to recover deleted txt messages from a certain phone number from a Samsung 5 Ive down loaded a app that recovered virtually every txt message from 2016 but the one number I needed to see the txt messages between was not there, can you help?

The mini-b usb port for my Hitachi hard-drive has broken off. I've taken apart and can see I required a new "Orlando_CONNECTOR BOARD REV:1.1"

I dropped my western digital portable hard drive and now it will not power up. The hard drive beeps when in a dock and I suspect it to be a hardware fault with the board or the heads. I have an iStar password protected WD USB for my Brownie unit which is beeping. I have used it with no problems for over 5 years.

All of a sudden it is telling me it is write protected or that there is a I/O device error. it will not let me update or change any existing documents on it, copy or save new documents to it or copy or cut documents to another location. I have tried to remove the write protection myself using the command prompt administrator but it hasn't worked. This WD USB hold years of records including our unit accounts and I am extremely concerned I will loose all this data completely, not being able to save changes or add new data is worrying and very inconvenient. please can you let me know if this is something you can help with and how much will it cost?

Recover files on mobile phones

I've recently received enquiries asking for help in rescuing the files from various types of mobile phone that can not be accessed for one reason or another. Most of us carry huge amounts of valuable data on our phones and if we drop our phones, or delete messages that we wanted to keep contacting a phone recovery company in usually the best action. In one of my recent posts I wrote about phone recovery and how data recovery services work with mobile phones. Here are some of the enquiries:

  1. My mobile phone just went in factory reset and I have nothing left in my phone. I have stopped using the mobile phone so the data isn't overwritten. Please kindly let me know if you will be able to help
  2. My daughter disabled my phone by putting in the wrong passcode. It now has restarted itself and is in restore mode. I had not backed up my phone and I would like some precious pictures retrieved
  3. Phone has been reset- lost all photos. They are not appearing on iCloud storage? Any chance of retrieval ?
  4. Water damaged iPhone 6s Won’t turn on + been in rice for 3 days. Want to retrieve 30gb of photos and videos
  5. I'm just inquiring in regards to recovering a call log from a specific number from my Samsung galaxy S8+ within the past 12 months.

The next question people ask is "how much does phone data recovery cost?". The answer is "between £95 and £300 depending on the problem". Contact a phone data recovery specialist and talk your requirement through with them. Once they know how much work is involved they should be able to give you a cost for the work.

ReadyNAS Data Recovery Manchester

I need a data recovery service on my Netgear Readynas which has some WD Green hard drives that are not working properly. I am located in Bolton, part of Greater Manchester.

The drive is a 3TB Sata Western Digital WD30EZRX. I have a pair of these drives in the Netgear NAS. One has failed and the culprit is 'for sure' the controller board. Removed controller board from the working drive and installed it on the drive that was dead and this now works and reads fine. I have a user who has experienced a SMART error on his Intel SATA SSD M.2. I have tried unsuccessfully to recover the data using an external SSD adapter card. There are extremely vital emails on the drive which unfortunately have not been backed up and are required for a very important project. Would you be able to offer any advice on whether this data is recoverable and possibly a quote for the service?

Cannot connect to my computer anymore (no sign that it works at all). I think there is a problem with the cable or the way to plug it in. The cable cannot be removed as my dad tried to fix it with glue… so I'm really stuck with my data that I cannot access!

1. When I was copying images onto the drive, it froze, and I unplugged the drive directly
2. When I then tried to connect, it says that the disk needs to be formatted. I have tried to remove it safely but it froze when I did that, so I removed the drive directly again.
3. I tried to connect the drive again and now it says the disk parameter is incorrect. Explorer would freeze when I tried to disconnect it safely.
4. The hard drive is 1TB, with around 600G of data on it.

As I said above, I need a clinic for my broken Netgear Readynas in Bolton, Manchester.

Files lost on Mobile Phone

I recently lost some data from my mobile phone and needed to get them back. Fortunately I'd previously written a blog on mobile phone data recovery (here), so this time I followed the instructions on the page and managed to recover my files. It's then that I discovered that many people lose data from their phones - for example:

- I have a Samsung s6 mobile phone . the screen is damaged and does not power up. And the USB port is damaged. I don't care about the phone. Just the pics of my wedding that are stored on it

- iPhone 7 fell in water – stuck on apple logo and hasn't been backed up so at a massive risk of losing all my data on the phone

- My phone just died beyond repair I tried going to the apple store, I just want to restore the data on the phone

- I have call recorder on my HTC one mini 2. I had a precious conversation on it with my granddaughter. Only this morning I accidentally deleted it. Please would you be able to retrieve it. I downloaded a app on my computer but it was not able to root to my phone, whatever that means.

broken phone

- I have a Samsung S6 Edge that failed last week – it just switched off and will no longer charge or switch on, instead a section of the motherboard near to where the battery connects to the MB just gets hot. I have a large number of photos on this device which I am very keen to retrieve. This device has onboard storage only.

- My iPhone 6 crashed a month ago and won’t restart (if I try to switch on the phone it just shows the apple logo and then a black screen). I’m looking to recover my data (in particular my photos). Would you be able to provide a quote to recover my data?

- Samsung galaxy mini3 deleted photos can you retrieve them at all please

My recommendation is that you follow the link above to learn how to recover your phone's data.

Windows Boot Manager Fault, a hard drive with CRC problems.

I have a laptop hard drive, that initially failed to boot. I took the hard drive out and connected it to my PC and was able to see the files on one of the partitions (D Drive). The then connected my external hard to copy the files over, but the pc crashed. The pc was restarted and when i try to connect the laptop external hard, it does not appear in My Computer. I have checked under disk management and the drive is shown an unallocated, when i try to initialize disk, I get an "Data Error CRC" message and The drive size is 320GB and is a seagate Momentus 320 GB. Is the data recoverable?

CRC errors tell us that the hard drive your files are stored on is damaged. A CRC error is generated when the hard drive is instructed by the computer to read a file from the hard drive but fails. The file to read is actually stored as a sequence of 0's and 1's and when the hard disk has read it successfully the file is presented to the user on the computer. When the file can not be read from the disk, one of the causes is a CRC error.

CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check and is a checksum the computer makes of the data it has read. If the checksum is wrong the computer knows the information has been read incorrectly and it will try to read it several times more until eventually either succeeding or giving up. People with CRC problems on their hard drives will notice that file access takes a long time and their computers run very slowly.

The answer is to either get a data recovery company to get the files off of your CRC damaged hard drive, or if the data on the drive is not valuable to you, just go and buy a new hard drive. Throw away a drive that has CRC problems as they are never going to get any better, just worse. Having a hard drive with CRC problems is an accident waiting to happen.

Hard drive device errors in Birmingham

Western Digital (or 'WD') are makers of popular hard drives, such as the My Passport and My Book. Quite often WD drives will fail with some sort of device error. We were wondering what the device error messages actually mean, so we asked USB Enclosure. Was making clicking noise this has since stopped but windows doesn't recognize it and asks for it to be formatted, cancel button clicked each time this question appears. We are based at the ICC broadstreet, Birmingham, as are Data Clinic, in the Quayside Tower.

Dropped onto floor and now the connection point is loose – I think it has come off the motherboard. Is there anyway it can be repaired as it contains all my teaching resources from the last 18 years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have a WD "My Passport" external hardrive. Bought it around 2011 to use mostly for backing up media files for BBC Birmingham. Today when I tried to access the drive, it told me the drive is not accessible and I have seen each of these error messages: "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error". and "The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error"

I use a WD My passport Ultra to store family photos and videos. The drive has stopped being recognised by my Mac mini and I can hear a clicking noise when it is turned on. How much would it cost to recover this data? Is this transferred to a new external hard drive?

I've got a western digital external drive that doesn't seem to start any more. The green ring flashes every second but there's no noise from the drive and it doesnt connect to my laptop. Can you give me a call to discuss?

I am looking to recover the data on a WD HDD which crashed after limited physical trauma and is inaccessible at present.

Need Bitcoin Wallet from RAW drive

The hard drive is not accessible. In the Disk Management says that the disk is formatted in RAW. What should I do?

In 2015 I installed Linux on my laptop computer. I didnt really know what I was doing, and managed to overwrite windows so that the disk then showed the data as raw. However, I had a wallet.dat file on there (bitcoin) and this wasnt backed up. This is the only piece of valuable data I lost, do you think it would be possible to recover this file?

WD My Passport for Mac external drive cannot be read. Message comes back that it is not readable and it shows up as RAW in disk management. Have tried to read it on two different computers. Same result. Have tried First Aid on Disk Utility in Utilities for Mac. No effect. I need one large folder of my Bitcoin Wallet transactions from the file transferred to another WD external drive I have.

My advice is as follows:

  • Determine what caused the hard drive to become RAW. This is usually a filesystem corruption.
  • Do NOT use any type of file recovery software on the hard drive, you'll only make matters worse
  • Log into a data recovery site like and do some fault finding using the troubleshooting guides on the site. Note they also have a good blog section that you should check out too.

Depending how technically confident you are, you may like to try and rescue the data yourself. My advice is if your data matters, then you should always use a professional company to handle your data recovery requirement.

G-RAID File Recovery Needed

I've received the following questions from people wanting to recover files from G-RAID hard drives that have developed one fault or another. It's worthy to note that G-RAID hard drives sometimes run a RAID file structure which see's the files stored on the hard drives in a distributed segmented way rather that sequentially. Subsequently data recovery on RAID hard drives can be problematic. My advice with all RAID data recovery occurrences is to take the RAID to a data recovery expert - personally I use the guys at when I've got to get files back from any sort of RAID device, not just G-RAIDs. Here are the questions:

Thunderbolt G-Raid drive is recognised by computer and you can see the files on the disk. But when you try to browse the files it crashes finder and you have to unplug it. I'm located in Manchester but can bring the drives to either Wolverhampton (Birmingham) or London locations.

I have a 4 x Seagate 2TB hard drives which are combined together into a 4 disk RAID 5 system. The system is made by a company called G-RAID but I'm unsure of which model I have. It failed on me a couple of years ago but I've never got round to trying to fix. I did take it to a couple of 'computer shops' around London (where you can mobile phone accessories – that sort of place) but they didn't have any luck.

One of our clients in Wolverhampton has an external G-RAID RAID 5 whose hard drives appear to have died, when it is connected (proprietary connector and sata) it spins briefly and then stops: It is not detected by Windows, we have tried on multiple machines. Our client is quite upset as she has family pictures and backups on the drive. Could you give us a quote to recover the drive? Inside the G-RAID the device the hard drives are Samsung 4 x ST1000LM024 1000GB. we have had a failure on one of our laptop SSDs we are after some documents recovering.

Need data from IDE hard drive

My previous desktop failed some time ago and although I never figured it out what caused it the motherboard was clearly beyond repair because when I swapped in a different psu it would start up at all, the system was totally dead. I've recently got a new desktop and wanted to recover the data from the old hard disk which was an ide connection and so I had no intention of making it a part of the new system. What I really want from it is theasy photos of my daughter when she was wee. I got an ide to usb adapter from Novatech but when I connected it up there was a nasty smell and a wisp of smoke from the power input to the disk. I intend to check the power lead in case there was a manufacturing fault which led to it giving the wrong voltage. My concern is that the board on the disk might be shorted out and I'm reluctant to try a different adapter, even one borrowed from a friend which i know is good in case I damage the disk further. So what I'd like is a quote for recovering the data on the disk.

IDE hard drives have not been widely used for almost 10 years now. Their SATA replacement hard drives featured a new type of connection that got rid of the parallel data cable and 4 wire D-connector type power cable

When the hard drive starts to smoke it means there is a problem with the electronic controller board of the hard drive. This is usually caused by a fault - usually in the voltage regulator chip that prevents the hard drive from powering up. Replacing the hard drive PCB with an identical one won't work as the board also controls a map of how the data is stored on each hard drive. So if you need the data from the hard drive you'll need a way of transferring the drive mapping from the old disk to the new disk too.